Efficiency-driven Anesthesia Modeling

Efficiency-driven Anesthesia Modeling

The American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (AANA) recently developed Efficiency-driven Anesthesia Modeling, a new way of approaching anesthesia staffing that:

  • Organizes variables unique to a healthcare facility or system while assessing requirements for best practices
  • Limits duplication of services, improves effectiveness, increases access and reduces costs
  • Reevaluates current anesthesia models to improve safe practice, cost effectiveness and accessibility

Addressing key concerns


Studies show that increasing CRNA involvement and reducing restrictions on CRNA-provided services results in care as safe and equitable to that delivered by physician anesthesiologists or in more restrictive models.


Because Efficiency-driven Anesthesia Modeling uses CRNA providers, it may reduce (or even eliminate) the financial burden placed on facilities, help reduce unnecessary healthcare spending and reflect appropriate anesthesia staffing to meet a facility’s patient and surgical needs.


CRNAs provide most anesthesia services in rural America and often work in areas with vulnerable populations. CRNA care may result in cost savings and reallocation of budget dollars to additional coverage for anesthesia services and/or other crucial healthcare areas.

Action needed

Take these steps

CRNAs are ready to provide effective, more efficient, and equitable anesthesia care. Taking these steps can help make anesthesia care delivery more cost-effective and accessible.

  • Understand your state’s practice laws for the anesthesia department and CRNAs.
  • Review your facility’s medical or professional bylaws, rules and regulations, and anesthesia policies that may restrict efficiency. Work to eliminate restrictions that exceed federal and state law and that create practice barriers for CRNAs.
  • Understand community interest and stakeholders’ concerns.
  • Know how to evaluate your anesthesia business and take back control.

Efficiency-driven Anesthesia Modeling key resources

Download individual resources below, or get the complete toolkit in one convenient download.

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Supporting research

Advocacy, Research, and Anesthesia Practice Models: Key Studies of Safety and Cost-Effectiveness