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CRNA Advocacy Alert: Ask Your Senators to Exempt CRNAs from the PRO Act

In 2019, California passed AB5, a bill meant to help those working in the “gig economy” receive access to benefits including health insurance by classifying them as employees and not contract workers. While the aim of the bill may have been to help rideshare and food delivery employees, the bill affected many CRNAs who work as independent contractors, causing significant disruption in their employment.

Now, there are signals a national bill modeled on AB5, known as the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act will be part of the upcoming infrastructure package.

We need you to make your voice heard! This bill could have unintended consequences on CRNA employment in the middle of a pandemic – thereby threatening our patients’ access to vital healthcare services. Requiring CRNAs to become hospital employees will increase costs and disrupt patient access to care, placing a special burden on hospitals in rural and underserved areas. Ask your Senators to make sure that hard-working CRNAs and other healthcare providers are exempt from the requirements of the PRO Act so this legislation doesn’t unintentionally disrupt healthcare delivery.

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